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New Shop! Bigger premises! Lots more new stuff!

We are now located at 10 Victoria Road, Tamworth, Staffs B79 7HL.  Our store is bigger and has a larger selection of trading card games products and accessories. We’ll also be expanding our miniatures range with paints and more items. The single cards will also be more accessible, so hopefully no more waiting ages for us to dig out cards

Somewhere that runs fun official tournaments offering great prizes.

Coliseum Cards new shop opened on January 5th, 2019.  We had run gaming clubs in Tamworth for over 4 years; a place for our son to play his favourite trading card games. From there we started a market stall in Tamworth town selling trading cards and accessories.  Speaking to our customers we knew there was  a need for a specialised gaming shop and tournaments where players could go to test their deck building and play skills.  A home for gamer’s of all kinds to feel welcome!

We listen to our customers and their needs, and do everything in our power to accommodate everyone.

We hold tournaments, events, and supply product for Magic the Gathering, Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh; with friendly, knowledgeable staff readily available to help with any gaming needs you may have.

More And More People Are Playing Trading Card Games

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