Parties & Special Events

Whatever Magic event you would like – we can arrange and host;  we can tailor make an event to suit your needs.

Our shop has a gaming area totally separate from the for exclusive use.   We can arrange drinks and snacks or you can bring your own food and make it a special occasion.

Prices range widely depending on the format – every party is unique

Please see below some examples you can choose from or tailor to your requirements.

Parties and events

EXAMPLE 1. Birthday Party for 12 players, 8-13 years

90 minutes of Magic fun, with a 30 minute break in the middle for the family to serve food and cake. We give a party gift for each guest & a special present for the birthday boy/girl. We offer the family space to set up and organise party food.

Prices vary, but approx £100 set fee plus £10 per child.

EXAMPLE 2. Private Celebration for 8 older students or adults

Run your own draft with a group of friends. We give you boosters of your choice, lend you land and reserve dedicated space for your event. You bring in food & cake.

Prices from £11 per player.